Read: Taking Longer Than I Planned

squirrel-waiting The argument I am using to debunk the Russian Hacked the DNC Server story is taking longer than I planned because it is moderately techinical and it needs explanation.

Currently, the information that is coming my way is a result of the sudden collapse of the Liberal Left. I’m sure most of you have notice the Laci Green video Taking the Red Pill? Other side effects include Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough, both frothing at the mouth demanding actions from the MSM. And of course, my personal favorite, Keith Olbermann, is begging both the international press to ask POTUS goofy questions and the intelligence agencies of our allies to release any and all possible incriminating information on POTUS.

So my article is now at least 3 to 4 more article. Each will be relatively short. This so the technical issues are more digestible. As such, I found a very useful article from an unlikely source – Sam Biddle of The Intercept_

For those of you not familiar with Sam, he once worked in Silicon Valley/San Francisco as editor for a muckraking online rag known as Valley Wag. It was fairly successful, but not very profitable. It was a division of the now defunt Gawker. I have used Sam Biddle as a source for blogging – one prominent article was entitled Greg Gopman – CEO Amuck.

With the article I’m going to recommend you read, Sam makes a logical and emotional argument – alot better than I can. It is entitled:

Here’s the Public Evidence Russia Hacked the DNC — It’s Not Enough – December 14 2016


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